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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tonga Peace Corps Volunteers celebrate Peace Corps' 50th Anniversary!

Peace Corps Volunteers in Vava'u, Tonga held a clean-up at the market in Neiafu, Vava'u to celebrate 50 years of volunteering through Peace Corps :) We donated two large trash cans after the clean-up and had a cermonial dinner to acknowledge the works of Peace Corps Volunteers in Tonga over the years. Above you'll see a group photo of all current Vava'u PCVs, our country director, staff manager and members of the community who all came together to help participate with the clean-up! I had the honor of saying the opening prayer at the ceremony- very exciting and a little nerve-wracking. I chickened out and said the prayer in English hahaha

A Hike to Holonga Point!

Here are some pictures of our adventure out to Holonga Point. Myself and a few other close PCVs decided to ride our bikes out to the far Northern village, Holonga. Once there, we carried on riding through the bush to the far ledge of Holonga. It was a great ride! VERY, VERY muddy!!!! We had lots of laughs, and were very tired, but the view from the top of the cliff was just beautiful! We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch there and then hiked down to the beach below for a refreshing dip! :)

Delievering International News to Tonga!

This past Friday I had the opportunity to help read international news reports on the Tongan radio station, 88.6 FM. My friend and fellow PCV, Sephora, started a radio program on 88.6 FM delievering international news to Vava'u every Friday evening from

5-6pm. She and her co-host (soon to be solo host), Ma'asi, welcomed myself, and fellow PCVs, Farfum and Carolyn, to be guest speakers on last Friday's show. It was a lot of fun!

Library Fun Day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Library Fun Day in Vava'u

Library Fun Day is an annual celebration of our island's public library. This year, Peace Corps Volunteer, Carolyn Winik, had once again gotten all the PCVs to pitch in in whatever way they could to help the event- baking goods for the bake sale table, giving away old clothes and gadgets for the 'free table,' setting-up the event and cleaning up, and, most importantly, helping out with the games! Peace Corps Volunteers, members of the Vava'u Public Library Committee, and local business endorsors, had a great time running face painting, the pinata, the miniture golf and lots of other great games. The event was held on a Saturday outside of the library, located in downtown Neiafu. Saturdays are 'market days' here on the main island and there were plenty of people wandering around who participated in our Library Fun Day celebration. Here are some pictures of the event and thanks again to all those who participated! We had a great time! I hope it will continue to be a fun and educational event for the families of Vava'u.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thank you Ralph Talbot Elementary School and FTCC in Scituate!

Malo 'aupito Ralph Talbot Elementary School and FTCC Scituate!!!

Thank you so much for your generous donation of books to the students of Mailefihi Siu'ilikutapu College in Neiafu, Vava'u, Tonga. I cannot express to you how grateful the students and teaching staff are and how excited everyone is over the new reading material.

Last year, when I arrived to Mailefihi Siu'ilikutapu College as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I opened up a language lab to teach the students English through reading and language games. Unfortuantely, I was disheartened when I was shown the school's reading selection. The books available were so out-dated, dusty, and too sophisticated for my students. I knew that if my language lab was going to be successful, then I needed new books and this is where you came into the picture :)

Your hard work, generosity and dedication to collecting books for our school has made all the difference to my classroom and to the students' learning. They are so excited to read now! The students are constantly checking out books on Dora the Explorer, Hannah Montana, and oh, how they love looking through the pop-up books and sticker books you have sent!

Please know that your donation has made such an impact on my students' motivation to learn. They never had books to enjoy at school like this before and it is very rare to find a reading book, aside from the bible, in a Tongan home.
Your book donations have helped to make my work as a Peace Corps Volunteer successful at my school! Thank you for all your help and for your love to the Tongan students at Mailefihi Siu'ilikutapu College.

Below are some pictures of the students with the books :)